Courage to Connect® - Leiderschap - Strategie - Training - Coaching

Courage to Connect® is a little work document (not the good one) of the discovery of Ingrid Spronck. As a scientist she worked together with top professors of Harvard Business School (Harvard Leadership Initiative Contract) . She has always paid for her own scientific research in practical business consultancy with companies, profit and non profit as launching customers.

She is the founder of Organizational Coaching ® (OC) in 1989 and co founder of New World Consultancy in 1999.

Discoveries are rare, as much as their discoverers. Discoveries boost science, business, inspire many and create a lot of similar (looking) methods, theories, books, companies, but there remains only one original.

The use of Courage to Connect® is, even if it's not the good one, restricted to qualified licensees, licensed by Ingrid Spronck and OC (Organizational Coaching). All the CtC and IN or ING or IS (good creative and not good creative) marketing expressions she sees as an honour.


Ethical use of CtC (or IN or ING or IS connections) is necessary in order to prevent abuse and to create comfort for its recipients:

In addition to it's stated missions and goals Organizational Coaching strives to ensure prevention of abuse of the discovery. That means the prevention of the abuse of people’s mental and psychological abilities in relation to leadership and transitions and of pressuring them towards certain kinds of behaviour.

Some practice an incorrect version of the incorrect CtC method, who state that they are working with the leadership theory of the 21 first century (CtC). We can assure you that they are not.

At this moment there are no other licensees then OC. We are working on an extension.

This site is still under construction, more information will follow soon. We will label it for the time being as ‘In Green Energy/ In Green Electricity in a Pink Box’.

Our mind is in leadership scientific literature often called a black box. They did not know better. They are not to blame. But since we are heading from recession to recession as a global problem we must not be black or white, and stubborn in our approach of change.

We will tell you more about the magic of the Unilever approach of Ingrid Spronck. She herself coached for instance two young female leaders towards those magical results. It was never done before in Unilever history and it was never done by someone else, a man, claiming the success. An old fashion way of doing called discrimination. She is working and he is celebrating.

Our mission is coming towards a world that creates durable results and in doing so saves us money, raises our profits and saves our resources to help all it's people. Done step by step, like trust that is coming step. Bit by bit with the heart at the right place.